Accredited Testers

The following list of Accredited Backflow Prevention Testers' / Plumbers' is sorted by State.

The Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. does not endorse or recommend the work of any of the companies or people on this list.

This list is purely an indication that the company / person shown is licensed to perform testing and maintenance on backflow prevention devices,and is a member of this association.

This list is provided as a service to the public and to our members and it is to facilitate the sourcing of an accredited backflow professional by location.

It is the sole responsibility of the user of the details to check the currency of the person's license and enter any agreement with the company / person directly.

The Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc, The Backflow Prevention Association Queensland Inc. or the National Backflow Industry Group (NBIG) has no financial association or receives no financial incentive from any company / person listed.

Should any user of a service provided by any listed company / person be dissatisfied with the work or professionalism of the company / person they should contact the relevant Plumbing Licensing Department in their State.